Announcement of Seed Round led by Robot Ventures, Arrington Capital and ParaFi & latest updates




  • Backtesting SDK — we used it internally while developing the strategies and open-sourced it to the public recently
  • Strategies — we designed effective strategies that can be deployed on the platform for multiple token pairs
  • Data infrastructure — we built a robust infrastructure to enable researchers to get access to on-chain data while working on strategies rapidly


  • The user interface is ready for production deployment


  • Hired core team and contractors — our core team expanded to 12 people and we’re looking for new passionate Web3 contributors


Content & Community

Seed round

Protocol launch

Next steps:

  • UI deployment
  • Guarded launch of the Protocol and initial strategies in Mainnet
  • Integrations & L2 deployments
  • New strategies
  • Strategist UI
  • V2 design



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Mellow Protocol

Mellow Protocol

Exploring the depths of math on LPing, AMMs and trading strategies.