Announcement of Seed Round led by Robot Ventures, Arrington Capital and ParaFi & latest updates

Mellow Protocol
3 min readAug 25, 2022

After Uni V3 was announced in spring 2021, we came up with the idea of developing a permissionless liquidity rebalancing protocol. We started with our research on how to effectively manage the liquidity on Uni V3 and then expanded to a cross-protocol permissionless protocol vision.

As the Protocol is launching soon, we want to share our current progress, upcoming milestones, and of course, the details about our seed round.


We were working in a semi-stealth mode, and right now, as we are close to releasing our Protocol, we want to showcase a short recap of what we have achieved so far.



  • Backtesting SDK — we used it internally while developing the strategies and open-sourced it to the public recently
  • Strategies — we designed effective strategies that can be deployed on the platform for multiple token pairs
  • Data infrastructure — we built a robust infrastructure to enable researchers to get access to on-chain data while working on strategies rapidly


  • The user interface is ready for production deployment


  • Hired core team and contractors — our core team expanded to 12 people and we’re looking for new passionate Web3 contributors


Content & Community

Seed round

In August 2021, Mellow Protocol closed a $2.75 million seed round led by Robot Ventures, Arrington Capital, and ParaFi.

Also, we’re super excited to see among our backers valuable funds, builders and community members:

The community already gives us a lot of valuable feedback and wise advice. The goal of the current funding round is to develop and bootstrap the Protocol.

Protocol launch

Our primary focus is to get live – we’re working on final preparations before the launch.

Next steps:

  • UI deployment
  • Guarded launch of the Protocol and initial strategies in Mainnet
  • Integrations & L2 deployments
  • Strategist UI
  • V2 design

As we’re going to be live soon — keep an eye on our media and don’t miss the official launch announcement👀

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